Pierre Risch

Pierre Risch a passionate and multidisciplinary art painter.

Pierre Risch is not an ordinary artist, He is «  The artist » in all his complexity, his sensitivity, his mastery. Painter, engraver, sculptor, lithographer, designe, Pierre Risch has an exceptional artisitic background. As an innovator, he develops new techniques that give back to the art of watercolor and pastel their nobility, these techniques of art, unfairly considered as obsolete and fell in disuse. Passionate, perfectionist, always inspired, his unique style and is very original universe make him a creator who knows no limits.

Close your eyes for an instant. Imagine the feast, the Carnival of Venice with its gorgeous costumes, masks, lace, embroideries… Enter in the dance… add a bit of jazz … let yourself be carried. Pierre Risch as a magician can make you live this journey and give it a soul, thanks to his talents as a pastelist and watercolorist artist. Recognized by his peers in France and abroad, his poetic imagination can only transport you and make you dream.

Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres, the professional art painter Pierre Risch is a worthy ambassador of the French culture ; its exhibitions and his work has been showed around the world :

Paris, Bruxelles, Genève, Oslo, Tokyo, New York… There is no frontier for talent.

Master pastelist, Pierre Risch, it is also a cultural mark, a signature of art, his own registred brand names PASSION PASTEL® and PASTEL PASSION®. Luxury silk’scarves, French limited editions of squares, long scarves, precious and rare, French linen, original lithographs that don’t let you insensitive.