Unique creations PASSION PASTEL® and PASTEL PASSION® signed Pierre Risch.

Lively technical creations, colorful, dancing, whole of mastery and creativity… Discover here Pierre Risch ‘s universe as well as some of his eclectic and timeless paintings. Follow this extraordinary artist in the heart of the poetry of his paintings and let yourself be transcended by the power and intensity and of his expression.

It is in 1968 that this atypical artist begins to live exclusively of his art and becomes professional. For the love of pastel, this technique of art wich he particularly likes, he creates his cultural imprint, the trademark PASSION PASTEL®and PASTEL PASSION®, that he nourishes through of his exhibitions and his growing fame.

The registred trademark PASTEL PASSION® – PASSION PASTEL® is enriched over the time by new works, creations: Paintings, pastels, watercolors, sculptures, editions, original lithographs, luxury silk ‘scarves…. Pierre Risch is a complete and passionate artist, with a great diversity of facets.

With his brand name PASSION PASTEL® and PASTEL PASSION®, he reveals us some of its unique achievements, a true reflection of its virtuosity and dedication to art. Discover all the knowledge and the talent of the art pastelist Pierre Risch through his label and registred cultural trademark PASTEL PASSION® and PASSION PASTEL®, of which he is the sole owner and custodian.

Gifted of a busy life devoted to art, Pierre Risch, painter and designer, continues to have a thirst of pemanent innovations. He is openned mind to any offers of quality incentive projects, in collaboration with firms.

Trust the experience and authenticity of a creator recognized and appreciated from a long time, garantee of quality and serenity.